Custom Packages

We can customize any party event you want to have. For a private party, you get to choose a painting from our gallery catalogue. If you want us to design a painting specially for your party, then we're talking customization.

Want a special and meaningful painting for the bride-to-be, the best boss ever or just because? Or maybe you're planning a themed party, like a Gatsby party, with flapper dresses, bowler hats, your whiskey shots and your art deco paint party? Are you throwing an 80's party and want a super funky abstract to go with it? Or maybe your parents met at a special place on Pender Island and you want to paint it for their anniversary.


Theme parties are limitless and we can work with any theme you want.


Just send us ideas or photographs of what you want to paint and we will make it into a Painted Unicorn event just for you. We live and breathe creativity so that means we are super flexible. Customization fees depend on the project requested. $200 minimum for a customization that is added to the regular ticket price or to the deposit from the host. For example, ticket prices start at $42 per person, if you have 12 people in your private party then your ticket prices for customization will be a total of $58.50 per person for the minimum customization cost of $200.

Love this idea? Let's chat and figure it all out together.


Fees start at $200 + regular ticket prices of $42/person. 12 people minimum.


Travel fees may apply. Please check our Q&A page for more info.


Are you wanting something totally unique for your wedding? Consider having us guide an attendance painting for your reception. We bring a massive canvas and aprons, paint, brushes and cleaning supplies and have your guests paint on a canvas instead of sign a book. Nothing would be more meaningful than a big piece of art made by your guests. Contact us for more info.

Fees start at 400$