300 Students Painting in 3 Days

I just had an epic painting workshop, the biggest I've ever hosted. I painted with over 300 kids from Kindergarten to Grade 6, all in 3 consecutive days.

You're probably wondering how I pulled this off.

First of all, let me be clear, I had a team of volunteers. It takes a village to get things done! We started with the kindergarteners, they had a different painting activity than all the other groups. They painted abstract expressionism Jackson Pollock style on a big sheet of white paper.

They each had a colour and then we would move the colours around for variety. It was definitely very messy!

Then we proceeded with all the other classes who painted on canvas. Our general theme was 'Impressionism' and 'The Group of Seven'. For grades 1 and one class of a K-1 split, we painted a scene of the northern lights, impressionistic style, because that suits their capabilities. We had a max of 50 per group of kids that would paint at one time, then we would clean up and prep for the next group. I had a microphone so everyone could here me and volunteers to pour out and pass out the paint and water.

Here are a few pics of this group of kindergarten split, and grades 1 (I blurred out all the student faces, it's creepy but it protects their identity) :

So here's my sample painting of the Northern Lights. Now, KEEP IN MIND this was designed and painted for the SOLE purpose of painting with 7 year olds! This is not my best work, trust me, but I had to paint in the easiest way I could...

And here is a work by a student in Kindergarten. He totally kicked my butt, didn't he!? This is beyond fabulous.

The next painting was designed for grades 3 and 4. I planned a painting around the Group of Seven so naturally, mountains would do. The kids did an amazing job! I added a full moon because it is simple and elegant. I loved this painting.

And again here is my sample painting of the Mountains and Moon, This was also designed for 3rd graders in mind. I think this was one that I painted during the workshop, there's a blotch of black paint in the sky. Please disregard! I paint very quickly during workshops so that I can walk around and assist students.

And this one is a very beautiful rendition of the Mountain and Moon painting done by a 3rd grader. There were so many great paintings!

And finally, Grades 4-6 painted in an impressionistic style, with the Group of Seven as inspiration. They had a similar design of the mountain scene but with stars instead of a full moon. It was gorgeous and they blew me away with their talents! Even they were surprised by their paintings.

It's similar to a paint party except I add in some educational components such as art history, art styles and give out more painting tips and techniques.

Look at all this talent!! They were amazing!

If you're interested in hosting a painting party extravaganza at your school, don't hesitate to contact me and ask more questions. I am available for in-class field trips as this would be called, or simply to do a workshop. This was loads of fun and the kids absolutely loved it! It is expensive to run large groups with many students, such as over 300 kids, but with fundraising or in-class field trips (parent fees), this is totally feasible. I also give out non-profit rates for schools. Contact me for more detail.

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