Soul Art Sessions

Holistic Art/ Intuitive Drawing & Painting

Intuitive Drawing

Want to create art with purpose? Then this is the place to for you. We get you in the mood for relaxation with music, meditation and Art! In other words - Intuitive Painting! No artistic experience is necessary to reach the depth of this healing art. We are not art therapists, we set up the mood and guide you through your experience. What we are, are artists with a major dose of inner Goddess and we BRING IT- Full on chill power.  We like to think of it as a holistic art experience. We love it all, but our Soul Art sessions really is the cherry on top.

$42/ person

We can customize any Holistic Art experience to suit your needs. Please inquire for more detail.


School of the Brave

Our UnicornX classes are for the art student at heart. This isn't a party and it's not just one class. It's an ongoing class to help you find your artistic path. Classes include canvas and all art supplies. We use a better quality acrylic paint than all other services offered and the instruction goes deep. Even though we get technical, we don't have a bias for painting styles, we just want to encourage you to dip into the style that is perfectly suited for you. This is great for the amateur painter. No previous artistic experience required and all UnicornX students progress at their own pace. There are no judgements here, only pure passion and excitement! Beginners and Advanced students are all welcome.